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Biodegradable Travel Cups

Fred's Sipping Container is a Green Way to Take Your Drink with You

Fred's 'Sipping Container' takes a coffee cup to the next level and makes it even more effective by incorporating biodegradable elements to make it a green travel cup. 

The main purpose starts off similarly to that of a regular coffee cup -- to carry your "too hot to handle" beverage to-go. However, it deviates from the basics because it is created with renewable bamboo fiber that can certainly demonstrate a lot more durability than a regular coffee cup. It also has a heat-resistant silicone wrap that makes it very snug and convenient to hold without any issue, along with the same material being used for the lid. 

This 12 ounce green travel cup can take your beloved caffeinated and hot beverages wherever you go, without compromising its effect on the environment.


Source: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/green-travel-cup

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