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8 Ways to Use a Wide Mouth Plastic Jar in Your Kitchen

1. Leftovers. Perfect for soups or stews, grains like rice, chopped veggies, scrambled eggs… endless possibilities.

2. Sprouting seeds or grains. With the sprouting lids I mentioned, this is a breeze for making fresh green sprouts. But even without fancy lids, I’ve been using jars for sprouting for years. Works for sprouting grains, too.

3. Yogurt. I like making mine directly in jars, either in my oven or in my Excalibur dehydrator. Another option is to make yogurt in your crockpot, then transfer to jars once cool and set for easy fridge storage.

4. Salads – This appears to be the most popular. And we do love our salads!

5. Smoothies – Some people store their extra smoothie in a mason jar. You could also just drink out of it too.

6. Soups (Prep) – just chop up and throw in your ingredients for a home-made soup. This will help you cut down on time when you go to make it instead of doing it all at once.

7. Desserts - Like Parfaits, Jello or Pudding – perfect for kids, if you have a house full of sick ones, Pumpkin Bake, Hard Candies, Ice Cream etc.

8. Canning/Preserve - Like Jellies/Jams, Pickles, Salsas/Sauces and the like.


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